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Tannadice Street Apartments.

High quality affordable apartments reinstating corner block, replacing former commercial unit

Project – Tannadice Street New Build Apartments

Client –  Private Developer

Contract Value - Circa £750k


We were approached by a local private developer who had seen a vacant commercial premises on a corner site, which had remained without use for a long period of time.


The site lay on the corner of Tannadice Street and Court Street bounded by a small industrial estate to the East, and residential streets mainly comprising traditional tenement blocks to the North and West. Visiting the site it was immediately evident to us that the poor quality low-rise commercial unit was acting act as gap in the streetscape and provided an ‘empty’ corner to the residential block.

As the site had lain without use or upkeep for a significant period of time the fabric was starting to show signs of decay, detracting from the character and nature of the local area. However, the site offered the potential for excellent linkage to the city centre, education facilities, places of work and leisure amenities. Architecturally, it offered an opportunity to reinstate the corner of Tannadice and Court Street, bookending the existing tenement gable. The latter has been undertaken to provide a robust and contextually respectful reinstatement of the streetscape.

Our approach was to draw reference from the existing tenement blocks adjacent in terms of their massing, proportion and fenestration (windows and openings). We were keen to provide a modern interpretation of the traditional corner tenement block. This meant the proposals have taken a form that effectively steps down in height and mass from the existing tenement building (North) towards the existing lower rise residential buildings to the South. Reconstituted stone coursing bands have also been articulated to break up the mass of the proposed, using a modern interpretation of a detail seen on many tenement blocks in the area.

The project also includes for a secure garden space with communal green. This is achieved by use of a high quality metal screen to provide pedestrian visibility to and from the garden area, whilst promoting security and peace of mind. The garden and amenity spaces also provide for a secure bicycle store (with accommodation to house bicycles for all apartments) and a secure bin store.

We recently received full Planning Permission for the project and are working on obtaining the statutory approvals before progressing the drawing information for Building Warrant consent.


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