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Fulton Building Refurbishment.

Multi-floor, phased refurbishment of the Fulton building

Project – Fulton Building Refurbishment (Entrance)

Client –  University of Dundee

Contract Value - Undisclosed


Description Fulton Building Entrance

This project is part of a phased refurbishment for the Fulton Building for the University of Dundee.

Previous phases completed by this office include the refurbishment of the Physics Department and the modernisation and enlargement of the Engineering labs.
The works included the refurbishment of the main entrance and the creation of a common room area for staff and students.

The client wished the rather dated look of the building to be brought up to date to reflect the dynamisms of the teaching activities in the building. Curved ceiling elements were introduced to reflect the fluidity of the various department teaching in the building. The new reception desk was created from poured concrete, Scottish laminated timber and base metals to reflect the use of such materials within the teaching curriculum.

The main entrance and ground floor façade were reclad with dark grey cladding to give the building a sharper and more contemporary appearance. The sleek new façade reflects the cutting edge research being carried out within the building.


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