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Cafe & Meeting Space, Fife Campus,

University of Dundee  

New informal learning & meeting spaces, central cafe and leisure facilities at the University of Dundee's Fife Campus

Project – Fife Campus Café

Client – University of Dundee

Contract Value - Undisclosed


We were commissioned to refurbish the Café at the Fife campus of the University of Dundee, which the client described as “dull, uninviting and out of date”.
The café has restricted headroom so coloured ceiling panels were introduced to provide interest and life into the café while hiding existing ceiling mounted services and to provide new linear lighting to the room. A variety of tables and chairs were used, utilising a controlled colour pallet which provides a variety of seating options for staff and student use which still retaining a coherent appearance.
The floor design reflects the ceiling pattern while still being practical and easily cleaned. Contemporary wall finishes have been used throughout.
The project also provide for a lift to give wheelchair access to the first floor library.
Since the café was refurbished there has been a noticeable increase in the use of the facility.


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